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Ghtroc Industries Class 700 Series Escape Pod

A joint-effort project developed by Frank V Bonura with help from Ross Hedvicek, Ed Obarowski, Paul Cargile, and “B.M.K.”.

· Class 700 Exterior

Capsule: In order to comply with imperial law, (see “Galaxy Guide - 6 Tramp Freighters”, Second Edition, page 43, “Escape Equipment” ) Ghtroc industries developed the Class 700 escape pod for use in most of its light freighters. The pod can be configured for port or starboard docking in any standard Ghtroc docking arm. To do this, the center passenger seat can slide into any of three positions (port center and starboard). This center seat can also be removed when this pod is used as a shuttle. Once activated, the 700 uses a launch catapult to automatically launch itself. The 700 is capable of automatic control which activates the emergency transponder and navigates the pod towards the closest habitable planet. It then enters orbit or lands depending on operator selection. If no planets are available, the 700 moves to a preset minimum safe distance from its host ship. The 700 has a manual override that allows the operator to take control of the pod and to deactivate the emergency transponder. This escape pod can reused multiple times and can be deployed as a fully functioning shuttlecraft. It is capable of orbit-to-surface, surface-to-orbit, in-system, or ship-to-ship transport.

— homebrew roleplaying game capsule by Frank V Bonura.

Ghtroc 700 Series Escape Pod

— homebrew roleplaying game stats by Frank V Bonura.

Game Notes:

The Class 700 will require restocking and refueling after each use. Restocking costs an average of 700 credits to replenish all its consumables, plus refueling costs 25 credits to fully refuel the pod (only If first edition fueling rules are used otherwise ignore the refueling costs). These costs are less if the pod's consumables and fuel have not been fully used. After 30 days of continuous operation, the Class-700 will require an overhaul of its worn components costing 65 credits in parts plus 65 credits in labor (optional if owner performs labor) on average. This pod weighs 3 metric tons and its weight is included in the cargo capacity stats of ships that use them on this site.