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Modified Ghtroc Industries
Class 720 Light Freighter

The Accuser project was developed by Frank V Bonura. The deckplan, exterior views, and modifications are based on the Ghtroc Class 720 Light Freighter project on this site.

Exterior Views - Accuser

· Accuser Exterior

Capsule and Stats - Accuser

Capsule: Kal-tan-shi acquired the Accuser from an acquisition in the lesser Plooriod Cluster some years ago. His former, House Paramexor, modified it to some degree, but Kal-tan-shi left Paramexor before the craft was built into a truly impressive ship. He would like to further improve the ship, and though he has ample finances to do so, he has not found the time. Accuser has been a very dependable craft for one not very adept at repairs, and Kal-tan-shi is usually careful not to damage the craft during pursuits... but the hunt comes first.

— “Alliance Intelligence Reports”, p. 65


— “Alliance Intelligence Reports”, p. 64

Errata and Notes:

aCrew Discrepancy
The original Ghtroc 720 stat for: Crew:1 or 2 (can coordinate) was replaced in this publication with Crew: 1, gunners: 1. This is believed to be a typo because all sources, including this one, indicate the stock Double Laser Cannon is mounted in a fixed-front firing position and can only be aimed by the pilot maneuvering the ship. The stats for the added laser cannon (modification) lists Crew: 1 yet it does not mention this additional gunner position above in the crew specification. This is believed to be a typo.
bReduced Cargo Capacity
The Accuser has reduced cargo capacity due to its modifications.
cSearch Sensor Discrepancy
The original Ghtroc 720 sensor stat for: “Search: 50/3D” has a better bonus than the modified sensor stat for the AccuserSearch: 75/2D”. We believe this is a typo and this bonus should be at least as good as the stock model.

Lower Deck

Accuser Lower Deck Deckplan

Lower Deck Modifications

Unless otherwise noted below, this deck is similar to the stock Ghtroc Class 720 Light Freighter on this site.

The bulk of the Accuser's modifications can be found on this deck. The once sparse main engineering room is now cramped with upgraded ion drives and hyperdrives built from parts taken from a Ghtroc Cargo Empress. The "forward fins" house custom modified ion maneuvering thrusters. The outer "chin", "shoulders" and "epaulets" have been enlarged to make room for larger more powerful sensors.

Four new rooms were partitioned from the cargo holds, and added to either side of the ship. Two of the larger aft rooms house additional consumables and fuel to extend the range of the Accuser. The two smaller forward rooms house the ships brig (prison cell) on the port side and the armory (weapons locker) on the starboard side. Both these rooms have armored walls, reinforced blast doors, and premium security locks for added protection.

Caution lines were added to form a “No Load” path to the modified hyperdrive booster compartments, the brig, and armory. Kal-tan-shi is not much of a mechanic so the new caution stripes to the booster compartments are often covered with freight.

Kal-tan-shi replaced the stock bed in his personal quarters with a hand-made Tiss'shar sleeping couch from his native homeworld. It is far better suited for his reptilian body than the stock unit was.

The galley (kitchen) was shortened to create a new turret entry room. The turret entry room was equipped with heavier blast doors to prevent decompression in the event of a severe damage to the belly turret. The belly turret is accessed from the reinforced hatch in the floor of this room.

A bed was removed because of the brig, and a second pantry was added to the starboard economy berth for additional food storage.

Upper Deck

Accuser Upper Deck Deckplan

Upper Deck Modifications

Unless otherwise noted below, this deck is similar to the stock Ghtroc Class 720 Light Freighter on this site.

Changes to this deck are not as extreme as below but still play an important part in this ship's high performance operation. The underside of the power core dome in the upper reactor room has been armored to protect the upgraded power converters and consumable storage tanks. The tanks were taken from a Ghtroc Cargo Empress and added here to extend the ship's range and increase its hyperspace speed.

A second weapon charging system, for the belly turret, was added to the forward fuel compartment on the starboard side. An upgraded avionics package computer was added to the starboard side weapon control room to manage all the new high performance systems.

Two of the four seats in the cockpit have been replaced with chairs suited for the Tiss'shar anatomy. They have slotted backs for alien races with tails. Additional power management controls, also taken from a Ghtroc Cargo Empress, have been installed in the engineers station in the cockpit as well.

Source Material

"Alliance Intelligence Reports", page 64-65, published by West End Games® (a subsidiary of Purgatory Publishing®), ISBN 0-87431-260-4, WEG 40109, June 1995