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INCOM A-24 Sleuth Scout Vessel

A joint effort project was developed by Frank V Bonura and Ed Obarowski, and is based on the original drawings from "Wanted by Cracken" page 81, and "Galaxy Guide 10 - Bounty Hunters" page 111 (Red Fang), drawn by Rob Caswell.

Behind the scenes

· INCOM A-24 Sleuth, Artwork by: Rob Caswell

This is the only picture of the A-24 Sleuth West End Games ever produced for the Role playing game. It was drawn by the talents of Rob Caswell. It mostly shows the top half of the ship, so I had to use my imagination as much as possible for the underside. Being the A-24 is made by INCOM, I used the T-65 (X-Wing) for influences when designing the ventral side of the ship and its landing gear. -- Frank V Bonura

Exterior Views, and Deckplan - Stock Model

· INCOM A-24 Sleuth, exterior views, and deckplan, Artwork by: Frank V Bonura

Interior Descriptions

This scout ship doesn't have much of a deck plan because its only 14 meters long. Its basically an oversized fighter with a very small cargo hold.

Front cockpit module

This area has a maximum headroom of 1.5 meters. The cockpit is entered from the top hatch of the ship. Roll-up ladders extend from and roll into the side slots (port and starboard) adjacent to the entry hatch. The cockpit contains two fully functional control stations. All ship functions can be performed from either the pilot (aft) or copilot (forward) position. If an astromech droid is being used as a co-pilot, then the seating positions are reversed. The rear seat can be removed to accommodate an astromech co-pilot. Both control stations possess a rocket pack ejection seat. The ejection system can be configured for space or atmospheric ejection. Atmospheric ejection is default and will prevent ejection in the vacuum of space. Space suits fully connected to and powered by the ejection seats will allow ejector seats to eject into space. The scout also possesses an escape pod. The forward command pod can separate from the central trunk of the ship. This escape pod is not very reliable because it is often as badly damaged as the ship it's escaping. The command pod also contains a food processor, pantry, toilet and sink. All these fixtures are small and spartan due to space limitations. Life support equipment is located behind the walls of this compartment.

Central Trunk

This area has a maximum headroom of 1.5 meters and requires crew to step down from the cockpit module. Astromech droids must also shimmy sideways and step down to enter this area from the cockpit. This part of the ship is either used for cargo, additional consumables, fuel storage, or a percentage of both. Cargo, consumables, and fuel can be loaded from the port side entry hatch into the central trunk (except on model A-24E which does not have this hatch).

A-24 interior storage options

Aft Mechanical Module

This cramped area can be accessed, but not entered save by the most slender and flexible of beings. Many scouts post an astromech droid at the door of this compartment because its tight design is best serviced by a droid. The aft module contains: the ship's power core, hyperdrive (main and backup), ion drive, main thrusters, maneuvering thrusters, shields (generators, controllers, and projectors), batteries, weapon systems (cannons and controllers), and fuel cells (at the very bottom).

Gaming Notes

Due to the tight design of this ship, I suggest a -1D penalty to all repair rolls made in flight. Astromech droids should be exempt from this penalty due to the fact that their repair arms are designed to deal with tight designs. We also suggest using the Starfighter Repair skill instead of the Space Transports Repair skill because this scout is built much more like a fighter than a transport.

Stats & Capsule - Stock Model

Official West End Games stats, and Capsule from "Wanted by Cracken", page 81, written by Louis J. Prosperi, with Greg Farshtey, and Bill Smith. Game stats revised, corrected, and expanded by Frank V Bonura.

INCOM A-24 Sleuth

Capsule: The A-24 was designed and released during the heyday of INCOM. The A-24 is a scout ship, capable of carrying only two persons: a single pilot and passenger; an astromech droid may serve as co-pilot. While older than more popular scout ships, the A-24 has excellent maneuverability and sublight speed for a vehicle of this class.

Errata and Notes:

a Cargo Capacity Issues
The West End Game stats for the A-24 do not take into account the small size of the ship. There just isn't enough room in the cargo hold to accommodate three months of consumables and fuel plus two metric tons of cargo space as the stats indicate. I have developed these "house rule" variants with statistics for the A-24 to correct this problem. Purchase costs (new or used) for the A-24 were never listed by West End Games so I calculated costs for the A-24 and its variants based on the purchase cost for the T-65 (X-Wing). The A-24 series is no longer available new, but new ship prices were listed for the benefit of repair cost rules.

Optional Rules:

A-24E Explorer
For maximum range and best serves a deep space star charting role.
A-24P Prospector
A balance of range and cargo capacity, and is best suited for a planetary surface study role.
A-24 Base Model
Has a relatively short range for a scout and is best suited for a bounty hunting role.

Rebel Alliance Markings

Wing markings used by the Rebel Allaince

The images of the A-24 we see in "Wanted by Cracken", and "Galaxy Guide 10 - Bounty Hunters" show the Sleuth with Rebel Alliance markings. The above images are examples of how the Rebellion would paint the A-24 for military applications. I would like to thank Ed Obarowski for pointing out this detail and helping me to develop this section.