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SoroSuub Nella 330 Heavy Scout

SoroSuub Nella 330 Heavy Scout, exterior and deckplan

Nella 330 Heavy Scout:

Capsule: Originally sold as a "Heavy Scout" at dealerships, the 330 has filled the role of a well armed light freighter more so than a scout ship. In fact, the 330 has too short a range to be an effective scout. The 330 comes equiped with a larger power core than the base 342 model, and is equipped with 2 backup batteries (see Pirates and Privateers page 40 for more info). The 330 is configured with a wrap-around view turret and heavy blaster cannon from the factory. The ship can be easily equipped with heavier guns and launchers due to its heavy duty power core. The few remaining 330s can be found in the outer rim teritories. With its relative long range and backup batteries, it is favored by pirates as a good ambush/boarding ship. Like the 342, the Nella 330 is out of production. The price listed for the ship "new" is for repair purposes only. For more information on the Nella 342, refer to Pirates and Privateers page 58 and 61 or The Official STAR WARS Adventure Journal #10 page 275.

— Homebrew Stats and Capsule by Frank V Bonura