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Guri's Stinger
Modified Surronian
Conqueror-Class Assault Ship

A joint-effort project was developed by “Quint” and Frank V Bonura. This project is based on the original “Shadows of the Empire” novel by Steve Perry published by Bantam Books. The Exterior of the ship is also based mainly on the drawings, and schematics by Doug Chiang and Troy Vigil from Star Wars ® — The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels” published by Del Rey Books.

Exterior Views - Stock Model

· Stinger Exterior

Capsule & Stats - Guri's Stinger


Guri, first lieutenant to Black Sun's chief Xizor, makes her rounds in a sleek and heavily modified Surronian assault ship called the Stinger. It is as beautiful and deadly as its mistress.

The Stinger's soft curves seem to have been artistically crafted by her designers, The cluster of eight ion drives fitted aft provide fast propulsion as well as smooth maneuverability, Coupled with forward braking jets and a complex control computer, the engines make the Stinger as agile as an angry insect. Guri also uses the forward braking thrusters1 in ruthless combat maneuvers, most often decelerating so fast that a pursuing enemy flies right by her and into the Stinger's gun sights.

The Stinger's weapons complement is also impressive, Forward-firing ion cannons are useful in disabling targets to be captured or subdued, and a double laser cannon turret mounted dorsally provides adequate fire support when lethal force is required. Although the lasers can be targeted from the turret, a redundant fire-control link to the cockpit allows the pilot to operate them at a slightly reduced accuracy.a

The state-of-the-art equipment outfitting the Stinger does not leave much room for amenities, but the craft's pilot requires few comforts. The cockpit has room for two passengers, and a survival pod directly aft provides escape should the Stinger be destroyed. The main cargo hold is small by light freighter standards, and much of it is filled with systems overflowing from the aft engineering crawl space - shield generator capacitors, power core control systems2 and reserve drive modules. No crew quarters exist. Portions of the cargo hold can be modified to accommodate passengers, but a small fresher and a package of old foodstuffs provide the only comforts.

Guri has modified the Stinger with several systems to assist her in duties for Black Sun, The vessel's communications package has been upgraded to better monitor comm channels in-system for hints of the activities of enemies, allies and others she might encounter.3 The sensors system has also been modified for greater efficiency. Guri has also installed several security precautions as well4, including an auto-destruct mechanism linking the cockpit to the power core. Those attempting to steal the Stinger would soon find themselves at the center of a small sun.5

Xizor has had the Stinger in his hangars for several years - a unique gift from an unknown Surronian hive craftguild for some unspecified favor performed by the Falleen Dark Prince. Xizor granted it as Guri's personal transport when she first came to serve him. Guri uses it when ever she is sent off Coruscant to carry out her master's bidding. It has served her well as a basic transport, mobile base of operations, and smuggling ship. Unlike most captains, however, Guri has no sentimental attachment to her ship, and sees it only as a tool to be effectively used to further Black Sun's ambitions. The Stinger's profile is as notorious as its captain. Wherever the Stinger goes, people know Guri is On the prowl.

— “Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook”, pp. 121-122


The enigmatic woman known only as Guri is a bodyguard and operative for the powerful criminal overlord Prince Xizor. Little is known of Guri's history before she began working for Xizor, and despite her prominent status within Xizor's organization, she remains a being of mystery.

Guri pilots the modified assault ship Stinger The distinctive profile of the Stinger is known and feared by criminals throughout the Empire, from the capital of Coruscant to distant trading worlds like Nar Shaddaa, Celanon, and ORDb Mantell.

The Stinger is a modified Surronian assault ship that Xizor owned long before he entrusted it to Guri. Guri uses the ship as a mobile base of operations when she is commanding Xizor's various paramilitary groups, but she has also been known to use it to smuggle precious cargoes for Xizor.

The Stinger is roughly twenty-eight meters long, with a hull that is curved and appears to be somehow sculpted. The ship is powered by a cluster of four Surronian A2-grade and four A2. 50-grade ion engines, with a sublight speed faster than that of an X-wing and only slightly slower than that of a TIE fighter. In an atmosphere, the Stinger can achieve a top speed of 1,150 kilometers per hour. Its maneuverability is enhanced by having the pilot individuality adjust each engine's exhaust nozzles through the onboard computer system; this eliminates the need for maneuvering jets. Guri has installed a set of four emergency braking jets1 in the forward wings and on more than one occasion has used them to slow the Stinger so rapidly that pursuing ships overtook it, thus providing an easy target for her weapons. The modified Corellian Engineering Corporation H2-1 hyperdrive gives the ship a Class One hyperdrive rating.c

The weaponry consists of a pair of fire-linked ion cannons facing forward as well as a turret-mounted double laser cannon The laser cannons can be handled from the turret's gunnery position or Controlled from the cockpit, although at significantly reduced accuracy.a

The forward compartment has the cockpit, with seating for the pilot and two passengers. The small emergency escape pod is set immediately behind the cockpit. Behind the ship's "neck" is the main cargo hold, although cargo space aboard the Stinger is at a premium Most of the rear compartment has been filled by the Stinger's large power core, reserve engine components, and modified shield generators.d The Stinger's internal systems are monitored by an advanced MicroThrust computer system2 that automatically reroutes power and activates reserve systems if there is a major system overload, leaving Guri free to concentrate on piloting and combat duties.

— “The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels”, p. 58


— “Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook”, p. 122

Errata and Notes:

a Crew & Passenger Discrepancy
The original stat for Crew: 1 and Passengers: 2 were listed incorrectly on page 122 of the “Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook”. The stat for the ship's double laser cannon lists a stat for Crew: 1. Thus there is a need for an optional gunner in addition to the 1 crew member (Guri) who pilots the ship. This change in crew capacity has been integrated into our deckplan design.
b Acronym Typo
Originally listed as Ord on page 58 of “The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels” the term is an abbreviation for Ordnance Regional Depot” and should have been all capitalized ORD.
c Hyperdrive Discrepancy
The Original Conqueror-class Assault Ship “Guri's Stinger” was a modified transport and is described as having a modified Corellian hyperdrive and should have superior performance to the stock model. The original stat for the stock model Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1 had the same hyperdrive speed as listed on the Stinger so being that the stock model came after the stats for the modified Stinger we realized the stock model was in error and we lowered the hyperdrive performance on our stock stats to reflect this.
d Shields Discrepancy
The Original Conqueror-class Assault Ship “Guri's Stinger” was a modified transport and is described as having modified shield generators and should have a superior defensive rating to the stock model. The original stat for the stock model Shields: 2D had the same shield rating listed on the Stinger so being that the stock model came after the stats for the modified Stinger we realized the stock model was in error and we lowered the performance of the shields on our stock stats to reflect this.

Optional Rules:

1 Forward Braking Thrusters
Guri's Stinger has an improved maneuverability when compared to the stock model. This takes into consideration the ship's forward breaking thrusters. For those who would like an additional degree of detail added to combat with the Stinger we offer the following house rule. If the forward breaking thrusters are being used by the Stinger in a given round of combat, the terrain difficulty of the space transports roll is for the Stinger increased by +5. Failure of this roll indicates the Stinger has backed into or clipped/swiped a pursuing ship and both ships must take damage according to the rules for collisions. If the roll is successful, opponent ships must make all shields rolls at +10 difficulty for the next two combat rounds. If the roll is successful and Guri has also won initiative in the same round, the pursuing ships loose one attack roll each for the round. Furthermore, a successful forward breaking thruster maneuver exposes the rear of the opponent ships to fire. If the opponent ships did not have their shields angled correctly ahead of time, Guri can fire upon the unshielded sections of the opponent ships with a bonus of 1D to her starship gunnery rolls.
2 MicroThrust Computer System
Serving as an automated copilot, this upgraded system can perform all power regulation and rerouting duties aboard the ship with a mechanical skill of 5D. Furthermore the system can be set to automatically angle the ship's shields, locate/identify targets with the ships's sensors, warm up/preflight checks by remote command, takeoff and perform basic piloting maneuvers, run onboard system checks/diagnosis, use the ship's comlink for automated takeoff/landing clearance, and calculate hyperdrive jumps using the ship's nav computer. In combat, Guri needs only to roll for her piloting and gunnery skill as this system will manage and roll for all other ship systems with its mechanical skill of 5D.
3 Updated Communications Package
The upgraded ship-to-ship comlink (commo net) grants Guri a 3D bonus to all communications rolls when aboard the Stinger.
4 Security System
When left unattended the ship can be secured via a remote control unit carried by Guri. The security system requires a heroic security roll to bypass the system and enter the ship undetected. This is in addition to a second very difficult security roll required to unlock the entry ramp. Failure of either of these security rolls will send a silent signal to Guri's security remote at which point Guri can select from several functions including: an active alarm, intercom, camera surveillance, and electrical shocks to those in physical contact with the ship (4D stun damage, character scale). Lastly the remote that controls the security system also allows Guri the ability to automatically warm up the ship, take off remotely, and summon the Stinger for quick retrieval and extraction missions.
5 Self Destruct System
The controls to the Stinger are locked out and secured via security keypad. Failure to roll a heroic security roll will set off a self destruct mechanism in 3 rounds. The self destruct mechanism is silent and has no alarms save for a red flashing indicator on the security panel. The system will allow three tries to disable the system before it is permanently set to explode. When the system activates, it seals off all ramps, doors, and hatches on the ship and sets the power core to overload. Difficult security rolls are required to bypass the door locks. When the ship explodes, everything in a blast radius of 0-25/50/75/100 meters takes 12D/10D/8D/6D damage (character scale).

Deckplan - Guri's Stinger

Conqueror-class Deckplan

Descriptions - Guri's Stinger

Behind the Scenes

Essential Information

· Guri's Stinger
· Artist: Doug Chiang
· Source: “The Essential guide to Vehicles and Vessels”
· page 58
· Publisher: DEL REY Books®

After being first mentioned on the pages of the novel, this ship made its first appearance in 1996 in “Star Wars® - The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels”. The drawing and schematic from that publication formed the basis of the 3D model we created for this project. The 3D model allowed us to align details of the hull that did not line up between the top and side views and allowed us to produce exterior views of the complex curves accurate to the pixel.

Making the Two into One

· Guri's Stinger
· Artist: Troy Vigil
· Source: “The Essential guide to Vehicles and Vessels”
· page 59
· Publisher: DEL REY Books®

We realized these two images were the primary evidence of what this ship looked like so we carefully used elements of both, in our model, blending the influences of both Doug Chiang and Troy Vigil. This was one of the very rare instances where “The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels” served as a primary influence in one of our projects. Due to the fact the original schematic drawings were produced with 2D drawing methods, some of the exterior details had to be adjusted to produce the 3D model. These changes were kept to a minimum whenever possible.

Other Sources

· Guri's Stinger
· Artist: Tim & Greg Hildebrandt
· Source: “Shadows of the Empire” collectable cards
· Publisher: Topps Trading Cards

We also studied other sources of artwork that came after the originals to see if we could fill in any details in areas the originals failed to address. Sources like the “Shadows of the Empire” collectable cards drawn by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt and the Star Wars ® Collectable Card Game” published by Decipher. Whenever conflicting details that did not agree with the original artwork were encountered on these newer sources, they were ignored or modified in favor of the original artwork. Details that expanded on our project from these newer sources were incorporated into our design.

Reverse Engineering

· Stinger
· Source: STAR WARS ® Collectible Card Game
· Reflections II expansion set
· Publisher: 2000 Decipher®

Our last step was to remove the subtle traces of modifications to produce the production model of this ship used in the roleplaying game. The Stock model also has a second turreted laser cannon and we decided to install this cannon on the ships underside opposite the turret on top. We followed the example of Han Solo's Millennium Falcon in the placement of the second turret. The stock model was also significantly slower than the Stinger so when we modeled the ship, we developed smaller engines for this model to reflect this. The smaller engines required additional sculpting of the hull to make them fit in a similar fashion to the Stinger.

Source Material

“Star Wars® - Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook”
Reference: written by Peter Schweighofer, published by West End Games® (a subsidiary of Purgatory Publishing®), ISBN 0-87431-281-7, WEG 40122, June 1996
“Star Wars® - The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels”
Reference: written by Bill Smith, Illustrations by Doug Chiang and Troy Vigil, published by DEL REY®, ISBN 0-345-39299-X, March 19, 1996
“Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire”
Collector's card: “Boarding Guri`s Stinger”, card #38 of 100, published by Topps Collectibles, c. 1996
“Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire”
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